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Emmy Week continues!

Let’s go back to 1995: a simpler, kinder time. At least in music, when “All I Wanna Do" won Album of the year, and Bon Jovi and Mariah Carey topped the charts with "Always" and "Fantasy," respectively.

Here we have Gillian rocking a daring LBD with striking white collar, a multi-directional flipped side part, and David Duchovny in pearlescent brocade D&G. 

Personally, my fantasy is for Mr. Duchovny to be always wearing this outfit, because all I wanna do is have some fun and blend into the couch.

sachikoyori asked:

If you were any of those monsters from the XFiles, what would you be? ;) PS i love your blog and you're funny, too <3

Ooh I like this question haha and thank you honestly I’m just a dork and I guess that’s why I’m funny haha! Okay umm I think I’d either want to be Eugene tooms cause I think he’s creepy but I think it’s cool he can like squeeze into any spot or those gender gender people haha thanks for asking :)

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